THOMASVILLE — Two months ago Vision Dance Ministries opened its brand new building that was built during the COVID-19 pandemic and now Jenny Hicks, owner and teacher, says they are ready to open up more opportunities for the community with a 2400 square foot Cheer Gym and bigger parking lot.

“We want this to be a place where the community can come dance, be a family and worship,” said Hicks.

Egg My Yard is an Easter fundraiser to help with the expansion of the studio. Parents can order eggs to be delivered and either hidden in the yard or left on the front porch the night before Easter. When the kids wake on Easter morning their yards will be full of plastic eggs filled with treats just waiting to be found. Vision dancers will deliver and hide the eggs in quantities of 30, 50, 75 or 100, with prices for the service ranging from $25-$60.

Hicks has been around dance her whole life since the age of 2. She began teaching when she was 16 and hasn’t stopped, but around five years ago she opened Vision Dance Ministry when she was told she could no longer pray with her students or talk about her faith openly. She felt strongly that it was her faith in God that allowed her to do what she loved, and she wanted to honor that by opening a place where she and her students and families could share their faith together.

“This place is life changing for many people,” Hicks said. One of the unique things her dance studio offers is dance for special needs students. She has wheelchair dancers, as well as students with autism and other special needs. She said they learn together to communicate and dance. They also have a father daughter dance and Hicks said it is a really impactful way for dads and daughters to form a bond.

In addition to dancing, Hicks believes in teaching her students the value and importance of giving back and serving the community. Vision Dance Ministries volunteers with Kisses for Kate and once the pandemic is over, and they are allowed, they will continue going to nursing homes to volunteer and serve.

A little over a year ago Hicks had hired a contractor to build the new studio and the foundation had been laid, but then the world ground to a halt with COVID-19. Hicks felt strongly that God wanted the studio built, so she found another way to get it done. With permission granted from the city to forgo a contractor, Hicks and her husband, father and some dance dads built the studio themselves. One of the dads did the framework and Hicks and family did most of the rest, including laying the floors, sheetrock and painting. They did hire electricians and plumbers, but all the rest they did themselves.

“I would come to work at the studio at 6 or 7 a.m. and work all day, then go teach dance until 9 or 10 at night. Then I’d do it all over again the next day,” Hicks said. It was hard work, but worth every bit of sweat and sore muscles. Now Hicks can proudly look at her studio and know it was not only her dream and vision, but that her own hands built the ministry she believes will be so vital in bringing the community together.

If you would like Vision Dance Ministries to Egg Your Yard, visit their Facebook page and fill out the form to request your egg delivery. Only a limited number of yards will be egged and orders must be placed by March 31. If you don’t want your yard egged, but wish to support Vision Dance Ministries you can purchase a virtual egg for $15 or more. For additional details visit