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Thomasville City Schools Superintendent Cate Gentry (from left) recognizes Thoamsville High School Principal Megan Silvey, Thomasville Middle School Principal Kevin Leake, Liberty Drive Elementary Principal Jennifer Tallant and Thomasville Primary School Principal Colin Tribby for their contributions.

THOMASVILLE — Principals at all four institutions in the Thomasville City Schools system presented reports this week from the schools’ strategic plan at the regular October school board meeting.

According to Andrew Wiener, chief learning and accountability officer for TCS, the plan is targeted to specifically boost the performance and improve the mental well-being of its students. This strategic plan, which runs through 2025, was created during the 2019-20 school year.

Wiener lauded the plan’s progress and explained its importance to the board.

“Through our diagnostic tool, already we administer a screener that provides us data for each student’s current level of achievement in reading and math and prescribes a plan of how to raise their level of achievement,” Wiener said. “Teachers are able to track their students’ progress, provide additional support and learning opportunities targeted to each student’s individual needs.”

The plan’s first focus area is predicated on academic performance, calling for students to receive a personalized education program that prepares them for further education, work and impact in the community upon graduation. Broken down into three primary goals, TCS officials explained the aim of their plan to establish an instructional core, provide personalized instruction and foster social-emotional growth and mental health development in all students.

TCS has created data trackers to monitor student achievement, developed a universal walkthrough tool that provides feedback and developed core expectations to address instruction, environment, its learners and leadership within the classroom. The system’s next steps are to adopt a mathematics core resource, strengthen the process that focuses on core instruction through problem solving and to use personalized learning to share and develop strategies that will enhance teaching and learning.

Other stated measures include the utilization of learning profiles to individualize instruction, as well as the use of voice and choice to enhance student ownership of their learning.

The system’s third goal involves the delivery of social-emotional learning competencies in kindergarten through eighth grade, school-based therapy in grades K-5 and panorama data to determine the social-emotional needs of students. A visual calming room has been developed for students, staff and families.

Additionally, the schools are aiming to extend school-based therapy to grades 6-12. By enhancing student agency and efficacy, as well as the strengthening of restorative practices at all levels, TCS hopes to improve mental health systemwide. It also seeks to provide wellness activities for staff and families.

Further plans to update crisis procedures and plans, including suicide risk assessments and traumatic event debriefing, have been created.

Also during the October meeting, administrators were recognized by Superintendent Cate Gentry as part of Principal’s Appreciation Month. Thomasville Primary School’s Colin Tribby, Liberty Drive Elementary’s Jennifer Tallant, Thomasville Middle School’s Kevin Leake and Thomasville High School’s Megan Silvey received a token of appreciation from Gentry for their work.

Staff writer Daniel Kennedy can be reached at 336-888-3578, or at

Staff writer Daniel Kennedy can be reached at 336-888-3578, or at