THOMASVILLE — The grand opening of a new thrift store in downtown Thomasville will mark the culmination of the effort of three sisters who are hoping to add value to the community they grew up in.

At 9 a.m. today Billie’s Tip Top Shop will open at 100 W. Main St. Janice Billie Buxton, Stacie Billie Lowery and Katrina Billie are eager to see what becomes of their efforts to transform assets they have accumulated over the years into a store the community can enjoy.

The three siblings, who were born and raised in Thomasville, said the idea for a new thrift store in their hometown evolved as they donated items to individuals, as well as Goodwill, over the years before deciding to build something to benefit the community.

“We’ve got so much stuff. My little sister said, ‘I’m going to find a building, and we’re going to put our stuff in it.’ ” Buxton said of her sister Katrina. “We decided, OK, we’re going to step out on faith and we’re going to do this thing. We got the keys March 4, here it is April 7, and we’re going to be opening on the 10th.”

Buxton said the location is stellar, and the building itself is an excellent place to start her family’s first store. She said people have already begun trying to donate items to the store, and she is excited by the prospects of this providing a huge lift to the store in the future. Instead of taking unwanted items to Goodwill, she hopes residents will consider donating to their store.

The support of residents and government officials has been a welcome source of encouragement, Buxton acknowledged.

“With us opening up this place, everybody has been so nice,” Buxton said. “The city of Thomasville has been supportive. This is our first time opening up an actual store, so of course, we’re starting from scratch. They gave us resources and were very helpful.”

Upon opening, the store will feature jewelry, furniture, housewares, clothing and electronics initially. The sisters reiterated that they wanted to keep affordable prices. Having been avid thrift store shoppers themselves, Lowery said it will be fun and exciting for them to see their product move, bringing other items in as they sell the original merchandise.

Staff writer Daniel Kennedy can be reached at 336-888-3578, or at

Staff writer Daniel Kennedy can be reached at 336-888-3578, or at