Hospice of Davidson County’s bereavement counselor & program coordinator, Cole Warner, is also co-host of the nonprofit’s new podcast, Community Connections.

DAVIDSON COUNTY — Hospice of Davidson County is proud to showcase its new podcast, Community Connections. The bi-weekly podcast will be hosted every other Thursday by the agency’s bereavement counselor & program coordinator, Cole Warner, and social worker, Emmalee Thomas. The next podcast will be Feb. 4.

Each podcast will feature different guests and topics, which include caregiver support, grief counseling, estate planning, volunteering, healthcare and more throughout Davidson County.

Future episodes will connect listeners to useful information regarding end-of-life preparation, care, grief services, and community involvement. Topics will range from providing education on Hospice care and community partners to medical and emotional advocacy and general information about the communities.

“We’re excited to finally launch this podcast that we’ve been working so diligently on,” said Warner. “We have learned through the pandemic that reaching folks virtually has been vitally important. We have a ton of great guests, both within Hospice of Davidson County and from the community.

“Our hope is that as we continue to work on this podcast, it will improve and grow into something that is not only a great way for Hospice of Davidson County to reach its community, but also reaches people in a way that is meaningful and helpful in their times of need.”

The community can access the Community Connections podcast at or via Spotify, Apple and Google by searching “Hospice of Davidson County.”

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