WALLBURG – Hot chocolate bombs are all the rage in the culinary world right now and winter is the perfect time to cozy up with a roaring fire and a cup of chocolatey goodness.

Christy Davis, owner of Cupcake Cuties in Wallburg, sells the delectable delights, but says she really can’t keep up with demand. But Julie Smith, from Trinity, said the chocolate bombs are worth every penny. Davis said the treats are very time consuming to make, but one of her employees is in the culinary arts program at Oak Grove High School and has taken on most of the hot chocolate bomb making duties, which helps Davis out tremendously.

Besides making sweet goodies, Davis loves teaching others to make their own treats. Because of the crazy year of COVID, she hasn’t been able to have any classes since March. That was mainly because people in her classes have to share a lot, which requires sitting close together and potentially passing the virus to others. She came up with a way to have a class and hot chocolate bombs enabled her to safely offer a class after over nine months.

Earlier this month, she had a full house for her Hot Chocolate Bomb Making class. She was able to spread people apart and each person had their own individual items to use and masks were required at all times.

“We are trying to be real careful and we limited the number that could come,” Davis said of the precautions she’s taking. Another class on Jan. 26 is already full and has a wait list, so Davis said she may try to squeeze another class in to accommodate everyone who wants to come.

Keisha Rodriguez from Winston-Salem has been coming to classes at Cupcake Cuties and was excited to be back.

“It’s amazing! This class was a blast!” she said.

If you are lucky enough to get into one of the classes, you’ll go home with six hot chocolate bombs, three milk chocolate and three white chocolate. Davis teaches participants how to pour melted chocolate into two halves of a round mold. When the chocolate hardens, one half is filled with the cocoa mix and marshmallows (either regular or fun Lucky Charms type marshmallows) then the other half of the mold is attached to make the full chocolate bomb. Drizzles and sprinkles are added to the top to finish it off.

Davis uses chocolate milk from Homeland Creamery, in Julian, to make her drinks even more decadent and sinfully delicious.

As always, to ensure accuracy in reporting, yours truly had to sample the goods. All I can say is if you have not had a Hot Chocolate Bomb from Cupcake Cuties made with Homeland Creamery chocolate milk, you need to get yourself down to Wallburg to see Christy Davis and her crew. That cup of hot chocolate was truly the most amazing drink I have ever tasted. But don’t take my word for it, go try it yourself!