To the editor:

It’s too bad Laura Steele (a Thomasville woman recently arrested on charges related to the Jan. 6 storming of the U.S. Capitol) didn’t decide to associate herself with ANTIFA or Black Lives Matters because she could have traveled the country this summer burning buildings and destroying property with impunity. Instead she is a conservative who questioned the outcome of the election and went to Washington to protest.

I don’t agree with what took place at the Capitol and I likely have some differences of opinion with Ms. Steele, but I know enough about our judicial process to know that it is highly unusual for someone who is not a flight risk or a danger to others to be detained in federal custody. Although it was not reported in your article, a federal agent who investigated the case provided sworn testimony that there was no evidence that Ms. Steele was armed or did any damage to the Capitol. This raises legitimate questions concerning why she was arrested to begin with.

Rob Foust