To the editor:

I can't recognize my country, the country that I love, any more! The red, white and blue of that grand old flag is just a blurry emblem of our once-great country. We've become a mere image of the world's oldest democracy.

Instead of acting like that venerated 230-year-old democracy, our current government is acting like some authoritarian facsimile of it. It's a state I never expected to see in our country. It's sad, and could yet become tragic.

Donald Trump is the man behind this tragic trajectory. Thankfully, now he's a one-termer and destined for the dustbin of history. Unfortunately, in the meantime he's hurting our country deeply.

It will take years to recover from the damage caused by this worst president in American history. But we shall overcome, and consequently become even better because of the spirit of the American people, the strength of our democratic institutions, and the belief of people, and their trust, in this great American democracy.

Gary Parker