To the editor:

I had the opportunity to read the beautiful letter Nancy Herndon offered regarding her close friend Rheumell Prangley. What a lovely and touching tribute to such an exceptional lady! Although I never was fortunate enough to meet Rheumell face to face, I did spend time communicating with her via emails and the phone. Even without the physical introduction, we became instant friends – friends for life. Actually, I owe a supreme debt of gratitude to my longtime friend Steve Bryant for bringing us together.

On a few occasions before the virus struck, we were supposed to gather, dine and socialize with some other new friends – Chuck, Archie, Cindy, Will, Mike and Phil (with the exception of Archie, all of whom I have yet to meet in person) – but schedule conflicts prohibited my joining the group. Then, during all of this quarantine time, Rheumell's medical issues arose and she finally passed away, just before Election Day 2020.

Through all of the chaos we've witnessed over the past few years, this dear lady became a true voice of reason as she offered her firm yet loving and compassionate words of wisdom in expressing her Christian views to members of this community. Most certainly, with the passing of Rheumell Prangley the High Point area, indeed the entire nation, has lost one of its most precious and endearing citizens. Time and time again, she demonstrated her genuine and deep affection for all of us who live in this uniquely wonderful land we call America.

The heavenly kingdom is no doubt rejoicing at her homegoing because their ranks have gotten brighter and wiser with her entry. Yes indeed, God in Heaven richly blessed us with her presence here. Now, He, Rheumell and the rest of God's children are reaping the rewards of a truly meaningful life. As Nancy so aptly reminded us, "God Bless!"

Eddie Regan