To the editor:

Is there anybody around here who hasn’t been affected by COVID-19, either in a small way or in a greater way? Horrible! When is it going to end? Don’t know. It affects us all. It’s in the words we speak and think.

I had to enter rehab a few months ago for help to gain my strength back because of pneumonia. The thing that really bothered me – besides the terrible meals I had to endure – was the fact I couldn’t have visits from anybody! My brother and his wife would come to see me, stand outside the window and attempt to communicate. How alone I felt. My eyes would fill with tears because I longed just to have them close enough to touch!

That brings me to the fact that there are numerous nursing homes and hospitals loaded with sick and disabled who can’t have visitors. It’s hard to realize that the only people who have daily contact with the patient is staff members. No family members to hold the hand, give a kiss, hug or just be present. That causes my tears to return.

Have a dear friend who has a sickly dog. She will follow my friend just to be close to her, seeking comfort. If that’s true of pets, then multiply that same need regarding humans who need family to comfort.

Thank God we have phones providing communication, but those phones have no human touch! I think being unable to keep in touch – literally touching – is a deterrent to the healing process. How that grieves me.

Have no answers for this dilemma our country – and other countries – are facing. What I believe is that we all need to be able to comfort those who need it the most. I still prefer the power of touch! There is healing in a touch.

Job 11:13, “Stretch out your hand toward God.” Genesis 48:13, Matthew 19:13-15 talk of reaching out to God. Both Jacob and Jesus reached out their hands to bless children. We can impart something to others by this kind of touching.

Let us all “reach out” to God and ask Him to provide his touch on our land and our hearts.

Rosemary Freeman

High Point