To the editor:

Dr. King said violent protests would make a right-wing takeover easier. According to accounts, between May and August, there were 7,750 protests across the country in 2,400 locations; 220 locations became violent; 7% of the 7,750 ruined the compelling message; what’s etched in our minds is the looting, property damage, fires and demonstrators clashing with law enforcement.

With false claims, Antifa has become a pawn for the spread of fear. FBI intel has labeled them agitators. However, white supremacists and white nationalists are labeled as dangerous, domestic terrorists; some even created havoc in the BLM protests.

Vince Champion, director of one of the largest police unions, acknowledged there’s sometimes more than a few bad apples. When the U.S. House passed a bill to combat excessive force, terms like overhaul and reimagine were used. But the buzz word “defund” has become an all-inclusive term used to negate any attempt of reform.

Most of the peaceful 93%, chanting “Black Lives Matter,” weren’t ideologues; they were simply appealing for justice. Sadly, here we are again, in Philadelphia, with more police brutality and more protests. Maybe “Enough is Enough” should be the slogan for the left, the right and the middle.

Alice G. Brown