To the editor:

It was a great evening that election night when as my custom has been for about 70 years, to watch the returns even into the wee hours of the morning if necessary. Through the years there have been many of those early morning watches. All night last Tuesday state after state turned red and it looked like the election was decided. It seemed like there were almost no votes for Biden showing on the screen. As my curiosity heighten, I wondered why there was such a low level showing for the democrats and for Biden. Then the next morning all suddenly things changed. Why? Then I realized the reason. It took the democrats longer to get the CEMETERY voters to mark their ballots. Quite a feat I'll admit. I remember hearing and reading about the dead voting clear back to the days of Nixon and Kennedy. I must admit that the democrats have organized their scheme the best in my lifetime. In the words of Joe Bide "we have put together I think the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of american politics" Now I am sure he didn't mean what he said because that is just Joe. You know like when Joe said so many things about african americans that even Kamala Harris confronted him in the debates about such. Like when he said he didn't want his kids going to school with kids from the jungle. Or when he said Obama was clean and articulate and that this was classic. What a put down to the rest of the african american population. But that is just Joe!

Now I must admit that the republicans have never mastered the art of cemetery voting as has the democrats. Maybe it is some spiritual lacking that republicans do not possess that democrats have mastered. Perhaps it is because democrats can either take life as in abortion or raise the dead if necessary for votes. Democrats have claimed some spectacular feets. Obama claimed that he would raise the seas. I guess I need to join the democrats to see such awesome powers manifested.

Gerald McGarvey

High Point