To the editor:

I recently read that the owner of the Carolina Panthers is concerned about the quarterback situation on his team. He should be. I was stunned he would sign Teddy Bridgewater to a $63 million contract, but considering past history, I shouldn’t have been. Bridgewater rewarded that contract with a 4-11 season. I don’t understand why Carolina would spend that much money on a quarterback who has gone 26-23 over his career. Kind of makes one understand why they kept Cam Newton, who went 79-63, for so long. With these two examples in mind, I have a few suggestions for David Tepper to consider for his next quarterback. Jameis Winston, who has a mind-blowing 28-42 career record, will be available after this season. We all saw how great Winston is when his ONE pass in a game in 2020 went for a touchdown. Tepper could possibly get Andy Dalton. Dallas might part with him for Carolina’s next three first round picks. Dwayne Haskins is floating around teamless now that Washington has gone in another direction. He just may be the wonder kid that Carolina needs. I’ve also heard that Johnny Manziel is wanting to get back to the NFL. I bet he’d take $63 million to come play for the Panthers. Since DeShaun Watson is unhappy in Houston, he could bring his stellar 28-25 record to Carolina and get them a title. It will be interesting to see which washed-up, has-been quarterback Carolina pays a fortune for next.

Mike Robertson