To the editor:

We the people of these United States have spoken. We do not want a tyrant, a king or a monarch. We are sick and tired of the pandemic and the complete and totally ignorant way that it has been handled. We are more than done with the failure of our leaders to recognize and repair the economic damage that we have suffered. We are sick of liars, cheaters and thieves. We are ready for the democracy of these United States to come back to life! We the people do not want to hear one more fake, false or alternative truth about our election. We the people will no longer stay silent while worthless, incompetent and careless elected officials ignore the needs of our children, parents and front-line heroes. We are more than through with this non-action, greedy child-man who has taken over our lives. We want our country back and we don’t want to wait any longer. We need to have our rights and rules restored to the democratic plan that was created more than 200 years ago. We want the United States of America back, not blue or red states. We want someone in charge to DO THE RIGHT THING NOW! We the people want REAL, TRUE and HONEST leadership in our cities, states, and country. Now we are told that the enemy has landed in our midst again, not sure they ever left, but we NEED leadership to recognize the wrong, defend our Constitution and stop the MADNESS. We the people want America back and we want it better, not later, but right NOW. Make a phone call to our senators and tell them we want our relief from COVID-19, we want our children in schools and fed, we want our seniors to have love, and we need our essential workers to be protected. We the people have spoken and we expect ACTION now!

Donna Pinckney

High Point