To the editor:

As we are now half way through 2021 and America is turning into a War Zone. Shootings are now a daily occurrence and you hope you or your family are not at the wrong place at the wrong time. Political leaders are searching for answers. To make America a MUCH BETTER COUNTRY a "Mandatory 2 Year Military Service for ALL 18 + yr olds." The Military has discipline, structure, respect and responsibility and pride, the ingredients that never hurt anyone. These people doing the shootings lack all five of these qualities. They are products of America's welfare system that the political class has designed to get VOTES on the backs of taxpayers. Idle hands are the devil's workshop. I and many others have served in the military and it's made us better and kept a lot of us out of jail during our trying youthful days. I'm totally for a Mandatory 2 year military Service. Do you want to pay for them in prison or the Military? I think the Military will produce much better results but we know today's political class is too weak to do the right thing for America, SAD. My 2 cents.

Ed Byrum

High Point