To the editor:

Although I agree with Mr. Gary Gray in his letter of Sept. 19 ("High Point deserves representation") that High Point is underrepresented in Guilford County, with no representatives from High Point on the Guilford County school board and one commissioner on the Guilford County Board of Commissioners, I would like to point out that both of those bodies are served by citizens who voluntarily run for a position within those entities. If no High Point citizens are willing to run and serve in the position, there is nothing that city leaders can do. It is up to the people of High Point to want representation enough to take up the challenge and seek an office. There are currently three districts that apply to both the county commissioners and the school board that a resident of High Point can seek a seat for. The upcoming redistricting will probably have little impact on that detail within the county. So rise up those with leadership skills in High Point. Run for your place and make a difference!

Lynn Andrew

High Point