To the editor:

Rheumell Jones Prangley! I was saddened to hear of Mrs. Prangley’s death. What a great lady! I didn’t know her and had never met her, but I felt a kinship with her just from reading her letters in the High Point Enterprise. I will truly miss her and all the things she stood for. Prangley was my favorite writer and spoke from the heart of things I understood. She touched my soul in a way I can’t explain. When I saw her name under a letter to the editor, I knew it would be worth reading and something of substance. I would have loved to have sat down with her at Biscuitville over a cup of coffee and gotten to know her. From reading her letters, it seemed I knew her anyway, as we had a lot in common and were on the same wavelength. We were from the same generation. That old school of hard knocks as you may have heard your grandparents speak of sometimes. We were tough! We worked hard! We learned good lessons that lasted a lifetime. During those hard times and good times, we learned how to survive. This was what made us strong women. Yes, I can relate to Rheumell Jones Prangley. I admire this woman for who she was. She stirred up a feeling in me and gave me a fighting spirit. This lady was a patriot! She was honest and spoke her mind. Her beliefs were what I believed in. She loved this great country of ours. She would shudder at some of the changes going on how. I wish I had one more letter of hers to read, sharing her thoughts with us of what her final days on this earth were like. I bet it would have been a mind boggler. Rest in peace, Rheumell. Your time on this earth was way too short.

And as Rheumell Jones Prangley would say, “God bless America and all you good people out there!”

Shirley Topping Maxwell

High Point