To the editor:

As I pen this letter I give thought to "Thanksgiving." What is that day to you? I wonder if instead of Thanksgiving we called it "Givingthanks" Day. A day when we take time to thank those who give of themselves for us, no matter what that may have been. Why not start by making a list of those you hadn't spoken to or texted in awhile to not only thank them but ask what can I do for you? I know it's a lot about food, family and hanging out. What if we took time to ask someone we know who doesn't have someone to send them a meal or buy them a meal? In Psalm 95:1-7 it speaks on giving thanks. You see we are either able to give thanks or in need of thanks. I know this year will be different than any other. So stay safe, connect with others and give thanks.

Louis Thibodeaux

High Point