To the editor:

It was really great to read Gary Parker’s letter on Dec. 19 where he talked about the adopting of the Constitution and its value. I though that perhaps Gary had a conversion experience and now realized the greatness of this country. Then to my great disappointment, he once again began the unrelenting and irrational condemnation of our president. The man who was willing to step out of a life of luxury and step into a life where he and his family are constantly abused, lied about, falsely accused and never given credit for any of his great accomplishments and all while donating his entire salary back to the government each year. President Trump’s accomplishments are so far-reaching that it is impossible to relate them all. Of course he is highly valued and honored by most Americans.

I remember a much younger Joe Biden running for president two times before, and he could never get to first base then, and so how could a much older, feeble Biden win an election without campaigning, and when he did only a hundred or less people showed up? Let’s face reason, Gary, there is absolutely no way he could win without help. I believe that everyone knows there was plenty of fraud.

Gerald McGarvey

High Point