To the editor:

The Saturday, Dec. 19, edition of The Enterprise granted Eeny, Meeny and Miny (thank God there was no Moe!) 26-27 inches of editorial space to express their political feelings. As was their right.

The space was full of less-than-original expressions aimed at Republicans. You hang on every word: ill-informed; lacking character; gerrymandering; dictatorship; criminal; country in crisis; anti-constitutional; stupid Republicans who hate this country; too stupid to understand; half-ass; hare–brained and seditious acts.

Whew! Was there an original thought in all the vitriol? No! Not one. Straight from CNN, etc.

The most interesting part of their waste of editorial space was that not one policy of President Trump was criticized! Not one! Do they agree with him?

Thankfully, Sunday’s edition of The Enterprise carried Star Parker’s editorial: "President Trump: Promises made and promises kept."

Parker gives an outline of SOME of the accomplishments made by the Trump Administration. There are many others.

I hope the critics will read Parker’s article. It may open their eyes as well as their closed minds.

Doug Brackett