To the editor:

I must come to the defense of my good friend and neighbor Eddie Regan. ("Anonymous attacks show low character," April 25 letter to the editor.) I always look forward to reading Eddie's letters to the editor. Never have I ever read one that contained hateful or derogatory statements about anyone, that's just not Eddie!

Eddie Regan has always been a "people person" and I think his letters exemplify this. Eddie would never say or write anything to harm or degrade anyone, that's the Christian attitude he so graciously reveals in his daily living and his interesting letters. Eddie's letters reveal that he puts in extensive consideration and research before he submits them to the paper. Of all the letters that he has written I can not think of one that I do not agree with, he is a very gifted and expressive person. I can not believe that any "characterless" person can oppose the goodness and truths in his letters! So, Eddie, keep those letters coming!

Emmett S. Sparks