To the editor:

As the respected historian Joe Ellis wrote in his book "American Creation": "The success of the Founders was partially attributable to their ideological and even temperamental diversity." And the continued success of our unique experiment in democracy is at least partially due to that ideological diversity, and also to our multicultural diversity.

Our multiethnic and multicultural diversity have allowed us to adapt to changing times by changing some of our ideas, and even values, about the world around us. Without those diverse backgrounds it's debatable whether we would've kept our democracy and our republic through the Civil War, the Great Depression, civil rights struggles, and the fractured politics of the last 40 years.

The challenges erupting in each of these eras would've taken down a more homogeneous and narrow-minded population than ours. But our diversity gave us the wider perspectives, the tolerance, and the strength to have faith, and to persevere in the face of all the obstacles confronting the continued success of our democracy.

That is at least partly why we remain today the world's oldest democracy. God bless our multiethnic and multicultural diversity!

Gary Parker