To the editor:

For the life of me, I can’t understand the gullibility and outright stupidity of people these days. Try as I might, I can’t seem to find where all the common sense has gone. Every time I see someone driving alone and wearing a mask, I realize why there are directions on Pop-Tarts packages. It’s almost like having to tell someone not to lick a steak knife or put their finger in a light socket. Let me ask a simple question. How many of you woke crowd would pay nine dollars for a can of peas? Would you pay ten dollars for a can of green beans? What about twelve dollars for a can of corn? Does this sound ridiculous? Well it doesn’t if you’re willing to pay ten dollars for a pound of imitation ground beef made from plants. Who in their right minds would pay more for vegetables than actual beef? If you are one of the folks who feel it is not absurd to pay more for “vegetable meat” than actual meat, come by my house, because I have boxes of canned vegetables that I am more than willing to let you have for a mere ten dollars or more a can. Oh, and don’t give me that garbage about raising animals being bad for the environment. That is just more liberal hokum to get their hands into our pockets.

Mike Robertson