To the editor: God bless Eric Adams, the New York City mayoral candidate, who recently tweeted a phrase I hope to hear in every speech he gives: “The justice we deserve AND the safety we need.” Translation: “Defund the police” is a non-starter. Further translation: Don’t call AOC or Ilhan Omar for help if you get mugged.

God bless the January 6th commission. May it seek the truth, and not the whitewash that Republicans want.

I pray that President Biden gets the Afghanistan issue right. If he does not, then he will reap the consequences. I refer to the danger to all civilians, but especially Afghan women and girls, who may be subject to torture and execution in our absence. The Afghan translators (who helped us for almost 20 years) might switch to the side of the Taliban, and they would become our enemies, rather than our helpers, should American forces have to return to that haunting country someday.

Tiny Tim Cratchit could probably close this out better than I can. So be it.

Jody McGhee

High Point