To the editor:

The letter is strictly for those who loved and will miss the wonderful letters that our dear friend, Rheumell Prangley, wrote to The High Point Enterprise on a regular basis.

It is my sad duty to tell you that our beloved friend passed away Wednesday at Randolph Hospice House, near her daughter’s home in Asheboro.

What a blow for those who looked forward to searching the paper (even before the headlines and comic strips) to see if she had a word for us today about what was happening in the White House and what a great job the president was doing in spite of all the criticism he faced daily. Believe me -- she always had an opinion.

Maybe you met Rhuemell when she held court almost every weekday morning at the Biscuitville, usually with her friend Evelyn, while probably half of the patrons would stop by to say hello or to comment on her latest letter. She almost always ate a cold breakfast when she finally got to read her Enterprise.

Since she was a retired widow, she ate most of her meals out at some of High Point’s favorite restaurants, like Rainbow, Tom’s Place and the old I-Hop. She also had a favorite waitress, who will tell you that no firefighter or police officer ever left one of these restaurants when she was present without his or her meal being paid for by some unknown person. Guess who? It will take many of her admirers to take up the slack, looking for these deserving public servants.

For many years I was the lucky one who ate Saturday morning breakfast at Carolina Diner with Rhuemell, the highlight of my week. I am closing my first and probably my only letter to the editor by just saying, as my dear friend would say, “God Bless,” and He did by giving us a friend like Rhuemell Prangley.

Nancy S. Herndon

High Point