To the editor:

I have written over the past years about what I believe are the evils of socialism, Democratic Socialism and its latest incarnation as progressivism. However, even I did not see or consider remotely possible that Democratic progressivism could ruin our democratic election process,

But they have managed by their resistance to President Trump's administration for four years and the current election debacle where tens of thousands of votes simply materialize and wipe out the President's leads (ex. AZ, NC, PA) through the assistance of unilateral decisions by governors or state courts contrary to their state legislators' laws, some decisions even made on election day.

The tragic result of all of this political hand to hand combat is that now the all important American citizenry have zero confidence in our election process or, worse, that their vote even counts anymore whether they are Democrats or Republicans.

Joe Biden may indeed be the next president but as Democrat progressives celebrate I urge that they should look up the definition of "Pyrrich Victory."

Stephen F. Bagnell

High Point