To the editor:

Gov. Ron DeSantis of Florida is another one of those "leaders" who leads from behind, like Greg Abbott of Texas and Brian Kemp of Georgia.

Instead of leading Floridians by explaining the science of the pandemic to them, this Harvard graduate says and does what his voters want to hear and see.

Those voters don't trust science, nor apparently Dr. Anthony Fauci or their own county public health officials. They don't want to wear masks, nor do they believe in vaccines. And Governor DeSantis follows their lead.

Let's be harshly honest about it. In the hopes of reaching higher office he follows the lead of the ignorant and, rather than teach them, keeps them in ignorance.

Nice, governor! Maybe you'll get reelected, and you can keep Florida the hotbed of the coronavirus pandemic.

Higher office? Let's hope not!

Gary Parker

High Point