To the editor:

After living abroad and driving in major cities during that time, I find that drivers in Europe are more considerate of fellow drivers than we are here in the U.S. In High Point, for example, drivers are less likely to use turn signals than drivers in Europe. In Europe if you are driving slowly in the left lane drivers will start blinking their lights to ask you to move over. When a car is entering the highway, the driver on the right will move over to allow them on the highway. People are still guilty of using their cellular phones when driving and can be seen using their phone.

I know that the High Point police were checking for speeders on Eastchester with success. Drivers have slowed down considerably. I’m sure if they ticketed drivers who don’t use turn signals the city would be safer. Nothing more needs to be said about driving and talking on your phone. CLAMP eown on these drivers and make our streets safer than ever before.

Chuck Fleenor

High Point