To the editor:

Several weeks ago I needed to go to a laundromat to wash a passel of dirty clothes. You know, if I didn’t go, I’d have to shop for new clothes. That bad.

In addition, I was in need of a haircut desperately. So deciding to wash soiled clothes was my main decision and then I’d tackle the hair problem.

I’d never been to this laundromat before, but it was close to home and I liked that. So, my actions were to fill that washer full of dirty clothes and go from there. Which I did.

Exploring around the premises I discovered a barber shop. Never been in one before, but I was so desperate for a haircut and since I wear my hair short I went to the barber shop. Why not?

So while my clothes were getting a much-needed bath, I rushed over to the barber shop. Walking in I noticed that the barber shop consisted of all Black customers and employees (I’m white). Hesitating, I pondered my situation and decided, “What did I have to lose?” So I put my messed up hair into the hands of Daniel for the haircut. Such a nice man! And he let me ramble on and on about the condition of my hair -- just kept clipping away!

On the wall in that barber shop was a large sign saying, “Jesus loves you,” and other words to that effect. I settled down.

I kept talking often (a bad habit of mine), Dan kept cutting my hair, and I enjoyed the conversation. When he had finished I had a fine haircut! We had laughed, talked and exchanged family histories.

When it was over I asked Dan Baer if he had cut women’s hair before, and the answer was yes. (Didn’t have the nerve to ask if they talked as much as I did!)

Since that time no one else has cut my hair except Dan Baker, the Black barber who cut my hair while I did a load of dirty laundry.

A white female getting her hair cut in a Black barber shop for the first time was a good decision!

Rosemary Freeman

High Point