I know Blair Rankin has taken a beating by some about his stance regarding the renaming of Montlieu Avenue. I admire and respect Blair for doing what every citizen in High Point has a right to do, and that is speaking out and expressing how you feel about local issues. Blair has not been afraid to make his voice heard and spent thousands of dollars doing it, unlike most High Pointers.

As a black man, I have the utmost respect for people like Blair who aren't afraid to go against the grain, knowing there are lots of following-the-leader types out there who can't accept the views of others. If nothing else, Blair has given High Pointers food for thought regarding the entire process related to naming/renaming streets. For that, we should be grateful!

For 18 years, I wrote a column related to High Point's black history. During those 18 years, I received intimidating emails from some who felt I disrespected certain people and families that were supposedly High Point icons. I wrote based on facts and not emotions, and the emails I received only strengthened my resolve.

Blair didn't win the battle this time, but I bet you he sleeps better at night knowing he did what he thought was right.

I first met Blair when he was with the police department, and I found him to be a man of integrity with strong convictions. Blair is a lot like me in that when we believe in something, we fight until we run out of options.

There is no law against challenging anything or anyone who has anything to do with deciding what becomes rules and regulations in High Point. No one is above these rules and regulations, and when a citizen feels like they are not treated fairly, they have the right to ask WHY!

Glenn R. Chavis

High Point

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