To the editor:

On Feb. 7, we lost a trusted centenarian statesman, George Schultz – a loss for both the country and the world, leaving his notable legacy of service, diligence, and patriotic leadership, including his undying support for immediate and forceful action against climate change. Having a keen, pragmatic sense for the long-term and world view, Schultz recognized that of all the problems facing us, climate change is the greatest threat to our national security and interests, such as the melting Arctic opening fronts to Russia and China as well as catastrophic climate mass migration. Schultz's preferred approach? A carbon fee and dividend to utilize market mechanisms to achieve energy innovation with a low-carbon economy without growing government while supporting American families. As a conservative, Schultz, in the best tradition of Republican leadership, pointed out, "It was a Republican president that created the EPA. ... It was a Republican president that did the Montreal Protocol. It was a Republican president that did the cap-and-trade system that dealt with acid rain, so we're the party that has done something." If we follow Schultz's wisdom, we can save our country and the planet with his call to take collective urgent action to mitigate climate change. Please contact your representative.

Minta Phillips