A salute to all teachers

To the editor:

I salute all teachers during TEACHER APPRECIATION WEEK. Parent Teachers, Classroom Teachers, Remote Learning Teachers, Peer Teachers, Distant Learning Teachers, Online Learning Teachers, Community Teachers, Spiritual Teachers, and all others who have met the challenge during these unprecedented times. As I always state and remember, my mother, Mrs. Christine Johnson Tyson, was my first teacher. I am eternally grateful to God for the PHENOMENAL teachers in my life who inspired and influenced life aspirations that made it possible for me to give back in an effort to increase lifestyles for others.

Teachers, let us not be discouraged. Our work is not in vain. Our students will recover losses. We must be creative and innovative in future efforts to support academic and social development for our students. Through the years, our students experienced academic losses during summer, winter, and spring breaks, sometimes called “summer melt” or “summer slide.” As educators, we must utilize Best Practices in Education, Highly Effective Instructional Strategies, Methodologies, and Appropriate Pedagogy to ensure academic and social successes for our students. One recommendation I have as a professional educator with 43-plus years experience is that our great state can implement year-round school for two-plus years. We can strive and thrive on the road to recover academic and social losses for our students through the utilization and application of non-traditional approaches in education.

I encourage all teachers to continue our efforts to Reach and Teach!

Our students will WIN!

Dr. Gwendolyn Johnson-Green, retired educator

High Point