To the editor:

In the midst of overwhelming evil turmoil in our country, Memorial Day weekend reflected the goodness of people. How refreshing!

A wreath-laying ceremony at the Vietnam Wall Memorial was made possible by volunteers.

Veterans' Point at Memorial Park, once an overgrown eyesore, has been transformed into a breathtaking memorial honoring all veterans. Fresh landscaping, American flags lining the walkway of honor and refurbished howitzers provided a Kodak moment made possible by the vision and generosity of volunteers.

Staging this event at Cushwa Stadium presents challenges greater than most football contests. You have a quarterback volunteer surrounded by a Super Bowl team of volunteers – touchdown!

Sunday night at Finch Auditorium was a time to visualize hope and patriotism in person. The 208th Army Band, composed of volunteers who travel from distant places to share their time and musical talents, caused my heart to smile and my feet to dance.

Parade Day on Memorial Day was majestic. Veterans representing every age group wore their patriotic badges of honor. Gold Star families, who were escorted around the entire weekend by volunteers, traveled the parade route, allowing them to experience the acknowledgement and heartfelt gratitude from those lining streets.

White crosses, American flags, pictures of known Davidson veterans killed in action and four superhero volunteers falling from the sky greeted everyone at the conclusion of the parade route. Let me emphasize that jumping from an airplane and parachuting to the ground is definitely not on my bucket list.

There were generous donations of food prepared and served by volunteers.

Volunteers placed hundreds of flags marking every deceased veteran's final resting place at Holly Hill Cemetery.

Thank you, Memorial Day committee. Thank you, veterans, for your service. Thank you, volunteers. Thank you all for giving us a glorious forever memory.

Gail L. Shuler


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