Guilford County Schools and the Guilford County commissioners have been staunchly warned by the community of Colfax that the proposed location for a new 900-student K-8 school is in an extremely dangerous location that already sees frequent accidents, most of which are unreported. What makes this proposal even more unusual is the request for rezoning and annexation into the city of High Point even though all the surrounding property is Guilford County.

When residents expressed concerns about the safety of the roads it was mentioned by the High Point city senior planner that the city of High Point would not have jurisdiction over the roads as they only plan to annex the plot of land the school will be on. This brought up valid questions, such as which fire department will respond? How would the city of High Point Police Department respond to issues at the school driving through the county to get to the border of Guilford County and Forsyth County line?

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