Paul Lessard GIVING 101

In my next life, after my time at the foundation has drawn to a close, I like to think about traveling, playing more and continuing my writing. I’ve already decided on the next book I want to write and, truth be known, it’s already been started, so chances are it will not actually make it to my retirement years. It is a love story, a closer look at folks in our world today who are living, working and giving back to society with a commitment to truth and decency.

The inspiration for this book has sadly come out of what I believe is one of the most heart-wrenching and heinous sagas of our generation, the Sandy Hook shooting. Whether it was the soulless killer who initiated the carnage or the shameful aftermath that followed, I believe it has come to represent that which is most wrong with our culture today.

PAUL LESSARD, a recipient of the Carnegie Hero Medal and a catalyst for the growth of community outreach programs, is president of the High Point Community Foundation. Reach him at 336-882-3298.

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