HIGH POINT — Judith Ellen Church Tomlinson, 74, of High Point, passed away Friday Nov. 19, 2021, at Wake Forest Baptist-High Point Medical Center. Born Jan. 3, 1947, in Peterbourgh, Ontario Canada, she is a daughter of the late Donald Francis Church and Shirley Geraldine Grant Church. In addition to her parents, she was preceded in death by her husband, William Allen Tomlinson Jr., in April of 2021.

Judy, or Jodie as her father used to call her, was known by many names: Mean Mrs. T., Nina, Aunt JuJu, Ninny, Sissy, Sweet Baboo and Mom. Mean Mrs. T. was known for her fierce unflinching attitude, but also her commitment to her students, whom she loved as her own children. As Nina, she is remembered for her playful and adventurous spirit; there rarely was a dull moment when she was around. Aunt JuJu was a friend and confidant, down to earth, but always bubbly and with a tireless sense of humor. Ninny was unflappable, outgoing, energetic, and perhaps a little on the crazy side. Sissy, as her siblings sometimes called her, kept the peace between brothers and sisters, earning the moniker “the enforcer” or “Shirley” when judgments were deemed unfair. Sweet Baboo, as her late husband knew her, was ever patient, loving, kind and faithful. To her kids, Mom was their guiding light: fair, full of love, compassionate, a shoulder to cry on, an ear to bend, a wise sage, but most of all, a hug away from feeling home again. Her presence in all our lives will be missed dearly.

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