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Posing in front of this mural at Nick’s Sub Shop & Grill could win you some custom artwork from mural artists Jeff Beck and Freddy Garcia.

Have you been naughty or nice this year?

And are you bold enough to answer that question on social media? Because if you are, you could win custom, Christmas-themed artwork from a couple of local artists.

Mural painters Jeff Beck of Thomasville and Freddy Garcia of Greensboro are giving away original pieces of art to one individual who poses for a selfie in front of their side-by-side, naughty-or-nice mural at Nick’s Sub Shop & Grill on W. Fairfield Road.

“It’s an idea we came up with to make our art interactive,” Beck said. “We invite people to take selfie photos in front of our mural and then tag us on Instagram. From all the people who do that, we’ll draw one winner to receive original artwork from me and Freddy, plus a gift card from Nick’s.”

The fun part of the promotion is that for your selfie, you choose which side of the mural you most closely relate to. You can pose in front of Beck’s sinister-looking Grinch (naughty) or Garcia’s jolly Santa Claus (nice).

The colorful mural, which is approximately 22 feet long by 8 feet high, is painted on a fence adjacent to the outdoor dining area at Nick’s.

The artists created a

similar promotion for Halloween, and it was so well-received that they decided to do it again for Christmas. They plan to continue doing it during 2021, changing the mural every month or two for a new promotion.

According to Beck, the promotion capitalizes on the current popularity of murals.

“I honestly think a lot of people are maybe too intimidated to go into an art gallery — they may think it’s too stuffy,” he said. “But with murals, they’re outside and you don’t have to get dressed up to go enjoy the art, because it’s right there in your face. And then with social media, people love to take photos in front of murals, so they’re kind of intertwined together.”

Beck and Garcia, both of whom have been painting murals for more than a decade, often paint with two other muralists and are collectively known as The Grounds Crew, or TGC.

Their Instagram handles are @_nos_1977 for Beck and @jag.one_nc for Garcia.

The deadline for the current promotion is midnight on Christmas Eve, and the winner will be announced on Christmas Day.