HIGH POINT — A major Republican donor suing to get back the $2.5 million he donated to help try to overturn election results in swing states has ties to High Point.

Fred Eshelman, who donated tens of thousands of dollars to Republican candidates for this year’s elections, contends in his lawsuit that True the Vote didn’t fulfill the conditions of his sizable donation.

Eshelman grew up in High Point and attended then-High Point College. He later made his fortune in the pharmaceutical industry.

In the wake of the general election Nov. 3, True the Vote sought donations to overturn and prove as fraudulent vote totals for several states that went for President-Elect Joe Biden. But in mid-November, True the Vote dropped lawsuits in Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

In his lawsuit, Eshelman argues that True the Vote wasn’t meeting deadlines to make legal challenges on behalf of the Trump campaign. Eshelman also contends that True the Vote leaders weren’t forthcoming with him about the status of vote challenges.

A representative with True the Vote told USA Today last week that the group has used donations to pursue vote challenges as pledged by the organization.

Eshelman’s lawsuit was filed in Houston, where True the Vote is based.