HIGH POINT — This year’s annual Christmas Cheer Fund drive has officially ended, raising more than $38,000. The fund, operated by the Kiwanis Club of High Point, this year provided Christmas gifts for about 150 underserved children identified through the Boys and Girls Clubs of High Point.

Here is a list of all of this year’s donors:

In Honor of Ed Thomas by the Kiwanis Club of High Point $500

Pat and Michele Levy $100

Joyce Kennedy $10

In Memory of Edward Silver by Suzanne Silver $100

In Honor of our First Responders & Healthcare Workers by Wiley and Martha Stockton $50

Capelli Salons, Inc. $50

Michael Difoggio $50

In Memory of Melinda Ann Teague by Robert and Barbara Teague $50

Ruth Armentrout $100

Jerry Thomas $50

In Honor of Wiley Stockton and In Memory of Marion Winebarger by an Anonymous Donor $50

Bill and Margaret Buckingham $200

A Friend $10

Benton Leach $250

Joseph McGhee $50

In Memory of Richard Lee Loftin Jr. by Richard & Helen Loftin Sr. $200

Jack Green Jr. $100

Dr. Gary and Vivian Biesecker $100

Kay and Dusty Maynard $200

Kathy and Kenneth McDowell $25

In Honor of our Grandchildren : Carter, Tyson, Hattie & Josie by Sam and Kendra Boyd $100

In Memory of Bob Duncan by Lucille Duncan and Family $100

In Honor of Big Brothers/Big Sisters of the Central Piedmont by Stephen Morris $50

From Mackenzie, Reese, Sarah Brian, Kaylee, Scottie, Kamryn and Adam $100

In Memory of Betty Anne Smith by W. Lee Smith $50

In Memory of Don & Mary Ann Bowers by Meredith Bowers $15

In Memory of Dottie Woodell by Wayne Woodell $50

James & Mary Halvorsen $50

Gail & Stephen Dula $100

Beeson Hardware Company $100

In Honor of our Grandchildren : Sydney & Connor Davidson by Linda and Bill Davidson $100

John and Ellen Amick $1200

Bonnie and David Horney $100

Dr. Early and Dr. Michael Sink $500

Jimmy and Janice Moon $25

Northwood Animal Hospital $250

Hendrix Barney & Company, CPAS, PLLC $100

In Memory of our Parents: Mary Jones, Wilson Jones, Margaret Pearce, John Clayton Kiem, Sr by John and Jeanette Kiem $100

In Loving Memory of Felix Miller, Jr. by Maxine Miller $100

In Memory of Alice and Bill Hinson and In Memory of Mary and J.B. Gibson by Laura, Clark, Gwyn and Bradley Gibson $1000

Strib and Darlene Boynton $50

In Loving Memory of Frank & Edith Dozier, Michael Lyles, J.D. & Minnie Snipes and Paul Snipes by Gary and Paula Snipes $50

In Honor of our children: Gary, David & Jennifer and our grandchildren Mary Keever, Dozier, Jake, Cliff, Gary and Ben by Gary and Paula Snipes $50

Davis Furniture Industries $500

In Loving Memory of Corey Olmedo by Eric and Dianna Olmedo $100

Clarence Ilderton $300

Edward Spivey $100

In Memory of Mr. and Mrs. Mel Foster and Mr. and Mrs. Vann Nealans by Mr. and Mrs. Drew Nealans $100

In Loving Memory of Francie and Betty Ann by Sandy Rankin $200

Randy and Carolyn Carda $50

Mark and Pam Seagle $100

In Memory of Kyle Cashwell With Love, Dad, Mom and Carson $50

In Honor of Wesley Douglas Cashwell With Love, Grandfather & Gramma $25

In Memory of Horton Godwin by Helen Godwin Runyan $100

Given in Loving Memory of Dan Mellinger by Debbie Mellinger Bell $100

In Honor of our Grandchildren: Ryan, Kyle, Brandon and Justin by Stephen and Sue Uhlin $250

Randy and Deb Davis $200

Greg and Caren York $200

In Memory of Dot and Lester Stevens and Ronnie Stevens Sr. by Frank, Kenny and Kathy $500

In Memory of Mack B. Henderson by Mildred C. Henderson $100

Nancy Fulcher $100

In Honor of Jacki Argo by W.A.T. $100

Lindsay and Herb Goins $100

In Memory of my husband, Donnie by Paula C. Hunt $50

In Memory of Ed Wheeless by Robert and Katrina Patton $100

Mickey Truck Bodies Foundation $100

In Memory of Charles Riddle by Jerry and Mary Lou Kyle $50

In Memory of John Teague $50

In Memory of Daryl Thomas and Betty Lou Blount by Thomas L. Blount and Carolyn Thomas $100

In Memory of Frank Bencini by John and Kathy McKenzie $100

Vince and Donna Wheeler $25

Robert and Susan Hawkins $50

In Honor of the High Point Police Department by Kay Stroud $100

In Memory of Tom Welch by Adrion and Susan Brewer $25

In loving memory of my Mother and Father, Faydene and Austin Newton by Jenny Newton $25

Catherine O’Rourke $50

In Honor of our Children by Don and Carolyn Kearns $100

Bobby J. Allred $100

Anonymous $100

In Honor of Jim Horney by Gloria and Dan Odom $100

In Memory of Fran, Kirby and Teresa from Papa $100

In Memory of Patricia Anderson and In Honor of Bootsy Tucker by Bill Anderson $50

In Memory of Steve Carter by Cathy C. Hartman $100

In Memory of Matthew Kusiak by Sharon and Steve Drescher $100

In Memory of Clark English by His Family $100

The Fab 5 $100

In Memory of Jerry Southern, Sr. by Peggy Southern $100

In Memory of Barbara Pelikan by Ernest Pelikan $50

In Memory of Ernie Kemm, Margaret and Fully Huntley and Louise and Herman Smith by Sarah Kemm $200

In Loving Memory of Colby Walton by Claudette Walton $50

In Memory of George and Gertrude Grant by Diana Grant $50

In Memory of George and Gertrude Grant by Leslie Grant $50

Gerald and Gracie Zimmerman $200

In Honor of our Grandchildren: Austin, Grayson and Sara by Tim and Mary Beth Yates $50

In Memory of JC, Ruth and Greg McAllister by Martha and Edwin Bass $50

Charles Fulp $100

In Memory of June Zike and In Honor of Chase, EC, REN and Nicholas by Bob and Kathy Niebauer $25

In Memory of Fred Culler by Eleanor Culler $100

In Loving Memory of John Gillespie by Jackie Gillespie $50

In Memory of Harold Ridge, Mr. and Mrs. Rob Kennedy and Mr. and Mrs. Jim Ridge by Mary K. Ridge $50

Betty Thomas $25

In Memory of Kyle Cashwell by Granny Christy $50

In Memory of Everett Christy by Peggy Christy $50

In Honor of our Grandchildren: Ben, Livia and Ava by Mary and William Burgess $100

Joseph Ragsdale $25

In Memory of Warren Rives, Harry Wagner, Jimmy Gibson, Rev. Steve Welborn and Greg McAllister From Ken $300

Barry and Nancy Hamilton $100

In Memory of Jimmy Fulton and Martha Nell Tucker by Anonymous $250

Steve and Mary Hoffman $200

In Memory of Lyles H. Kearns From Lyle’s Family $100

In Loving Memory of John & Evelyn Calhoun by Michael Calhoun $25

In Loving Memory of Nora Montgomery by Charlene Calhoun $25

In Memory of Hunt and Pete Moffitt by Jan and Pete Moffitt $100

In Memory of Mrs. E. Max Sink by Dr. Mike and Betsy Sink $250

In Loving Memory of Mary Kirby by Bill Kirby $50

George and Eleanor Stringer $25

In Memory of Clarence and Leona, Raymond and Clara by Dick and Jane Keever $100

In Memory of Louise Bell Moffitt by an Anonymous Donor $100

In Memory of my Mother, Isabelle Dorwart by Marian I. Knight $40

In Memory of our Grandson, Christopher Cutler Gane by Jim and Amanda Gane $100

In Memory of Sylvia H. Fetner by Dee and Jack Fetner $100

Becky Sink $200

In Memory of Greg Keaton by Outpost Garage $25

In Memory of Leo Linthicum and Russ Mallonee by Bill and Carol Mangum $200

Carol Connor $100

Albion Associates $25

In Memory of Benny and Mary Jo Braica by Langley and Denise $50

In Memory of Linda R. Brown by Larry, LeeAnne, Leslie and Family $35

In Memory of Elsie and Taylor Brookbank by Gayle Brookbank $100

Tom and Donna Baker $50

In Honor of Becky Smothers, Strib Boynton and David Wall by Alice Moore $150

In Memory of Harley Fowler and Trena Fowler by Laurie Reavis $50

In Memory of Neal and France Pierce and Eloise Leonard by Clark and Carol Pierce $50

Dr. Gary Barger, Barger Chiropractic $100

B. Watson $100

In Memory of Thomas S. Haggai by Buren Haggai and Family $100

Anonymous Donor $1000

In Honor of Wakefield Place Neighbors by Ann Angel $50

In Memory of Helen Doby by Mary Atkinson $50

In Memory of Fellow Kiwanian Bill “Sweet Fannie” Anderson by Kerry and Brenda Jones $100

In Honor of Art and Linda Hudgins by Janie Coley $50

In Honor of my Brother and Sister in law, Jim and Sue Horney by Jane Caplanides $50

In Loving Memory of Mrs. Edna Wiley from a Very Grateful Friend! $100

Phillips Funeral Service, Inc. $300

Bobby and Elaine Davis $100

In Memory of N.C. and Elva Hedgecock and J.C. and Lessie Walser by Barry and Trish $100

In Memory of Ed by Becky Smothers $100

In Memory of G. Leon Green by Lois Green $100

In Memory of J.V. and Dot Morgan, Virgil and Mabel Morgan and Luther and Mary Tinsley by Ann and Jim Morgan $100

In Memory of Hamilton, Junior, Spike and Pepper by Spanky Smith $25

In Memory of Dr. Ray Carr and Jim Carr by Mrs. Anne Carr $100

In Memory of Thomas (Tom) M. Wiley, Sr and Thomas (Tim) M. Wiley, Jr. by Lynda and Rocky Wright $50

In Memory of Brian McHenry by Lynda and Rocky Wright $50

In Memory of Roscoe and Hazel Wright by Lynda and Rocky Wright $50

In Honor of Judy Wiley by Lynda and Rocky Wright $50

In Honor of our Grandchildren by Lynda and Rocky Wright $50

In Memory of Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Culp, Jr. and Mr. and Mrs. Peter T. Wilson by Dr. Harry and Catherine Culp $250

In Honor of David Miller from his Employees at D. S. Miller, Inc. $250

In Memory of Jeffrey S. Purvis by Laurel and Jason Purvis $50

Jane and Stuart Nunn $100

In Loving Memory of Charles Chavis by Jayne Chavis $50

In Loving Memory of my Daddy & Mama: Dadio and Faydene Newton by Faye Newton Braud $25

Mark and Kathy Williams $40

Sallie, Betty, Cindy and Marie $100

In Memory of Neal R. Lancaster by Martha Lancaster $25

In Memory of Dot and Roy Culler by Martha Lancaster $25

In Memory of Jay Buie by Margaret Buie $100

In Memory of Dot and Dick Slate by Bob Slate $100

In Honor of Emilee Grace and Sara Katherine by Bob “Pops” Slate $100

Becke Jones $25

In Honor of our Grandson, Colin Edward White and In Memory of our Parents, Benny & Mary Jo Braica and George & Bettye White by Bonnie and Ed White $100

William and Dianne Peeler $100

In Memory of: Carleene Kearns, Jerry Johnson, Nancy Webster and Dorla McKenzie, Friends Forever $100

Terry and Sandra Funk $100

Geo W. Lowe Jr. $100

In Honor of Dale Denny by Ken and Sandra Smith $100

For All of our Great Customers from Huffman Paint and Wallcoverings $100

In Memory of Robbie Lyon by Faye Kendall Wright $20

In Honor of my Six Great Grandchildren by Faye Kendall Wright $30

In Honor Paula C. Hunt by Ken Hunt $100

In Memory of Don Hunt $100

In Honor of all Health Care Workers by Bob and Diane Fogleman $100

In Memory of J.T. Ferebee by John S. Pickett $100

Kathleen J. Klein $25

In Memory of my dear sister “Sis” by Louanne Hill $100

Charles and Christine Hicks $25

In Memory of Tom Haggai by David Miller $200

Mickey and Terri Walker $100

Jim Marsh $100

In Memory of Jim and Louise Peacock by Craig Peacock and Family $50

In Loving Memory of George and Mary Gideon by Charles and Deborah Gideon $50

In Memory of my Husband, Raymond Hubbard, Jr. by Nancy S. Hubbard $25

Sheila and Lee Ezell $50

Robert Perkinson $50

In Honor of our Grandchildren: May, Virginia, Lucy and Emma by Rick and Margaret Lewis $100

In Honor of my wife, Pat Mabe by Wayne Mabe $50

In Memory of: Mr. and Mrs. Jess Washburn, Mr. Woody Washburn, Mr. and Mrs. Jim Randle, Mr. Bill Blanton, Mr. Rob Culp, Dr. Tom Haggai, Ms. Abby Blair, Mr. Ed Smothers, Mr. and Mrs. Roy Culler, Ms. Nancy White from a Friend $300

Fred and Diane Meredith $200

In Honor of our Great Grandchildren: Nathan, Savannah and Patrick Meredith by Darrell and Carole Meredith $100

J. Phillips Johnston $125

Susan Olshinski $100

Tammy and Matthew Nagem $200

In Honor of Fairview’s Finest by Frann White $50

In Memory of my beautiful wife, Shirley Wall White, for 65 Years, 11 Months, and 14 Hours by Rev. Dr. W. Herman White $45

In Honor of Tammy Lynn and Shyann Paige by Rev. Dr. W. Herman White $15

In Memory of Jim, Kenny and Jason Wray by Becky Wray $200

In Honor of my Children, Grandchildren and Great Grandchildren by Jean Gooding $100

Charles and Jane Myers $100

Kathy and Britt Macrae $100

In Memory of Martha Stafford From Her Family $50

In Loving Memory of our friend Jimmy Dennis by From the Langley Crew $100

Lenny Peters Foundation $1000

Acey and Lavern Spencer $200

In Memory of Bill Ray by Marie, Charles, Mark, Leigh and John $100

Lois Chase Heiple $25

In Memory of R.V. Moss by Vera Moss $100

In Loving Memory of Jeri & Edward Edgerton by Doug Edgerton $100

In Memory of Donald and Violet Caldwell by Pam, Don, Donnie, John, Kelly, Tyler, Megan, James and Elizabeth $100

In Memory of Joe Nottoli by Pam, Don, Donnie, John, Kelly, Tyler, Megan, James and Elizabeth $100

In Honor of Our Family by David and Eugenia Pruette $100

In Memory of Mr. and Mrs. Rob Kennedy by Kay More and Mary Ridge $100

In Memory of Jimmie and Leo Kidd, Arthur and Dot Dickens, Boyce and Eloise Stinson by Jerry Stinson $100

In Memory of Buddy and Barbara Burton by Burton Builders, Inc. $300

In Memory of David O. Moore and In Honor of Patsy Moore from the Children, Grands and Greats $100

In Memory of Steven Hall and Scott Towery by Britt, Karen, Ethan and Brennen Moore $25

In Memory of Martha Nell Tucker, Lala & Charlie Cates, Pat Anderson, Margaret & Jim Randle, Betty Anne Harrison and Royster Tucker, Jr. by Martha Renfro Tucker $200

In honor of the Faculty and Staff of High Point Friends School by Phillip Fulton $100

In Loving Memory of Jerry Shaver and Patrick by Chloe Shaver $25

In Honor of the Teachers at Shadybrook by Claire and Jeffery Batts $50

In Loving Memory of C. Horton Godwin by His Grandchildren, Bella and Chaz Strickland $100

John and Linda Faircloth $200

In Memory of Jim Hayworth by James M. Hayworth $50

Lizabeth Hodge $25

In Memory J. C. Pierce by Judith W. Pierce $50

In honor of our grandchildren Connor, Caroline, Kelsey and Anna by Gwyn and Terri Brooks $100

Mohammad Halim $100

In Loving Memory of our son, Kyler Noah by Stuart and Shannon Smith $250

In honor of our grandchildren, Abby, Thomas and Emily Stevens and Evan and Ava Thomas by Ed and Susan Thomas $250

Peter and Melissa Fisch $25

Jackson D. Dobbins $100

In Memory of Harriette Saunders by Debbie Lumpkins $100

In Memory of John W. Richardson by John Haworth $100

In Memory of Ray Moore, Harold Ridge, Albert King, Jay Wood and Tim Sims by Dick and Kay More $125

For the “Grand Slammer” by Jane McClellan $50

In Memory of my husband, Tom by Glenda Kemp $50

In Memory of my mother, Louise S. Jones by Aurelia and Michael Hepler $50

In Memory of Barbara Thayer May from The Family $100

In Memory of Mack Harris and Tony Larkin from the Harris Family $50

In Memory of Brock and Bessie Moore, Kay Hill and Ray Moore by Patsy Moore $50

Frances Collins $100

In Memory of Chris Grantham and Pert Grantham by Sandy Grantham $100

In Memory of Colleen Thacker by David and Lori Henry $20

In Memory of Stan Kinney, Barbara Hughes and Bobbie Lewis by James Kinney $100

In Honor of my neighbors at Cross Creek Town Homes by Nancy Owen $25

In Memory of Bill Ervin by Alice Ervin $100

In Memory of Mr. and Mrs. J.E. Pleasants and Mr. and Mrs. J.B. Farrar by Sally, John, Cam and Jack $100

In Memory of Alan, Greg, Paul, Joe, Ginger and Jacy by an Anonymous Donor $100

In Memory of Jason Koontz from Zack, Mom, Dad and Rusty $200

In Honor of Michael and Lori Lowe by James and Phyllis Morgan $75

In Honor of Mary Crawford by James and Phyllis Morgan $75

In Memory of Henry Hayes by James and Phyllis Morgan $150

Sallie and Tony Bardelas $100

In Memory of Alice and Bill Hinson, Mop and Jim Horney, Norma Horney and Bill Horney by Claire and Jeff Horney $100

In Memory of Gary Culler by Chip Culler $50

In Honor my grandchildren: Michael Lyles, Jude, Davis & Lyla Rowe, Porter Redmond and Parker Gibson by Given in love by Nana Lyles $50

Donna and Stuart Harris $25

In Memory of Sandy Hook Elementary by Dale and Tammy McCracken $26

In Loving Memory of my husband Harley T. Fowler and daughter Trena Fowler by Marie Fowler $50

Rotary Club of High Point $200

In Memory of Jimmy Welborn by Sara and Darrell Welborn $25

Anonymous $75

Craig and Kay Skillman $100

Bobby Jones $200

In Honor of Frank Pifferetti by Harold and Suzy Johnson $200

In Loving Memory of Carolyn, Lori and Brad Mabe by Wayne Mabe $100

Anonymous $100

In Loving Memory of my dad, Reed Goff by Terri Hollingsworth $100

In Memory of Raymond Cheek by Brandon Cheek $60

Beco Inc. Electrical Contractor $100

In Memory of Sylvia Passavant, and Ken & Janice Myers by Lynne Tuggle & Deborah George-Thompson $100

In Honor of the descendants of: The J. F. Hayden Family and The Royster M. Tucker, Sr. Family by “Cookie” Ring $200

In Honor of Jack Safrit by June Safrit $25

In Memory of Nancy White and In Honor of our super supportive friends by Jo and Pete Thompson $200

In Honor of Linda Chafin by Tom Chafin $50

Philip and Deborah Key $100

Larry and Tina Chason $100

Jamestown Civitans $250

Harriss & Covington Hosiery Mills, Inc. $300

In Honor of our daughter Kathryn and granddaughters Hayley and Brooke by Floyd and Dixie Pugh $100

In Memory of Nana by Emily, Thomas and Katherine $100

In Honor of 2021 by Atlantic Realty and Property Management Co. $100

In Honor Mrs. Lorraine Griffin and Martha & Wiley Stockton by Hessie Williams $50

Jessie and Ann Marie Bullock $50

In Memory of Harriette and Gene Saunders by Vicki Miller $100

In Honor of Noah, Saylor, Elanore, Coulter & Sloan by Jim and Sue Horney $40

William and Suzanne Farabow $100

In Memory of Cory and Bud McInnis by Jane McInnis Blanchard $100

Ann and Groome Fulton $100

In Loving Memory of “Wild Bill” and In Honor of all my kids, grands and great grands by Dot $100

In Loving Memory of Art Sheek by Sue B. Sheek $100

In Honor of Danny Davis by the Office Employees of Davis Furniture Industries, Inc. $225

In Memory of Ed Harris by Ann Harris $50

In Memory of Troy Willett & Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Green by David and Betty Jo Willet $100

In Memory of my mom, Toni Rich by Marilyn Groome $25

In Memory of Benny Morton by Becky Morton $25

In Honor of the 2020 Christmas Cheer Committee $100

In Memory of Celia Echnoz-Freng by Judy and Phillip Ledesma $25

In Honor of Becky Weller, Very Special Friend to Edna $25

Thomas and Nancy Baker $100

In Loving Memory of Benny Braica, Jr. and Mary Jo Braica — Past Christmas Cheer committee members and my loving Grandparents by Adrian Greene $25

In Memory of Dr. Dan Mellinger by Bill and JoAnn Owings $100

In Memory of my Mother and Brother, Annie Livengood and Don Livengood and In Honor of our Granddaughters Maeson, Moregan and Meah by Janet and Richard Kelley $50

Dr. Tom and Joan White $100

In Memory of Byrl and Leo Skidmore by Donna Skidmore $100

In Honor of Betty Jones by Richard and Erin Sanders $50

In Memory of Buck Jones by Richard and Erin Sanders $50

In Memory of Bill H. Ball by Judith A. Brown $50

In Honor of Bruce Laney, an Outstanding Real Estate Attorney by Kerry L. Jones $100

In Memory of Connie Willett and Joann Emerson by David and Betty Jo Willett $100

In Loving Memory of my wife, Helen J. Doby, my brother Jerry J. Doby, and Marie and Melanie’s mother, Polly B. Doby by Maxie Doby $100

In Memory of my Daughter Angela, who was born on Christmas Day, 1961 and lived a joyful life with Downs Syndrome until she went to be with Jesus 2 years ago by her Mother $25

In Memory of Major Gen. John B. Gordon by Roseneath Farms, LLC $25

In Honor of Jeffrey Rosner by Lekita, Martha and Benji $50

In Honor of John & Linda Russell and Bobby Ritchie and In Memory of Joyce Ritchie by Bobby and Janet Ritchie $100

In Memory of Doris & Carter Lassiter by The Employees of City Transfer and Storage Co. $100

In Memory of Dr. Bill Anderson by Dr. John and Louise Campbell $100

In Loving Memory of Walt McCraw by Gaye and Dan Outlaw $100

In Memory of Johnny Siler and Don Livengood by Dewey and Doris Livengood $30

Jane Gill-Shaler $100

Wiley Clary Jr. $100

Billy and Susan Koontz $50

In Honor of my wife, Erin by Richard Sanders $50

In Honor of Kelly, David, Griffin Entsminger and Dan Tucker by Jerry and Kay Tucker $50

In Loving Memory of Roxie Hinson and Beatrice Shaver by Alfred L. Hinson, Pauline B. Hinson and Edna Hinson Dye $50

In Loving Memory of Thomas J. Bynum and wife Nora B. Bynum and Nora Yvonne Bynum by Pauline Bynum Hinson and Alfred L. Hinson $50

In Memory of Max & Martha Wood and Coy & Patty Williard by Coy and Susan Williard $500

In Loving Memory of Rudy Frazier by Vivian Frazier, Eric Frazier and Deanna Kaplan $ 100

In Memory of Benny and Mary Jo Braica and In Honor of their great grandchildren: Sophie & Isaac Greene and Emerson and Walker Lloyd by Greg and Susan Vitello $100

Anonymous $40

With Love, St. George Greek Woman’s Club $100

In Honor of my Ten Great-Grandchildren by Elizabeth Carter Brown $50

In Memory of my fellow Kiwanians, Harriette Saunders and Bill Anderson by Sharon Drescher $100

In Loving Memory of Fred and Jeff Murrow and Ott and Dot Cook by $100

In Memory of Freda Jones by Jeanette Louya $100

In Honor of: Lee, Stephen, Shannon, Wesley and McCall $100

In Memory of Debbie Cathy by an Anonymous Donor $100

In Memory of Buff, Bliss and Petunia by Barbara Zakos $100

Thomas and Elizabeth Walsh $50

In Loving Memory of my father, William M. Miller and dear Kiwanis friends, Bob Duncan, “Bud” McInnis and Bill Anderson by David E. Miller $100

In Memory of Jane & Edgar Hartley by Stewart Hartley $100

Gart & Dorotea Evans $50

In Loving Memory of “Rip”, Jan & Debbie Hethcox by Fran and Scott Hethcox $100

In Memory of John Newby by Dad and Nancy $50

In Memory of Sandy Rittenhouse by the Griffin Ladies Book Club $50

Grand Total $38,276