HIGH POINT — Middle and high school students are encouraged to talk about violence in an effort to break the cycle.

The Burns Hill Neighborhood Association, in partnership with the city of High Point, will host its third annual Youth Summit on Violence Aug. 2-4 from 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. each day at Morehead Recreation Center, 101 Price St.

This year’s theme will be “Unleashing the Power of Youth.” The summit’s purpose is for middle and high school students to “break the code of silence” and reduce the acceptance of youth violence that pervades the city, according to Jerry Mingo, president of the Burns Hill Neighborhood Association.

Youth who attend will learn from each other, share successes and solutions, give moral support to each other and take tested strategies from multiple sources to address long-standing problems, Mingo said. What teens learn from each other can be a roadmap to useful ideas and insights that can help reduce violence, build lasting relationships and strengthen local communities, he said.

The first day of the summit will focus on mental health issues such as self-esteem, eating disorders, teen dating violence and the influence of media on teens. The second day will focus on financial literacy, how to interview for a job, dressing for success when interviewing and mock interviews. The third day will focus on how to interact with law enforcement, the juvenile justice system and social justice.

Free breakfast and lunch will be provided to attendees, as well as prize giveaways. Contact Jerry Mingo at 336-989-0308 for information concerning donations and how to get your teen involved with the summit.