Why do trolley tours seem to be so popular in Savannah?

Well, aside from the obvious observation that Savannah is somewhat of a magnet for tourists, it could have something to do with the fact that — during this time of the year, at least — the days are typically steamier than the inside of your grandmother’s old pressure cooker, which makes walking quite undesirable.

Add to that the ever-present possibility of a wicked afternoon thunderstorm, and you begin to understand the trolleys’ appeal.

But there’s another reason, too: With the trolley guides’ extensive knowledge of Savannah’s rich history and its many attractions, there’s no better way to take in the city.

Our family recently spent the better part of a day seeing the sights in Savannah, courtesy of Old Town Trolley Tours, one of several trolley tour services available there. While we can’t speak for the other tours, the Old Town guides were — without exception — friendly, knowledgeable and entertaining.

One of the great things about the trolley tours is that you can deboard at the stops you’re interested in, spend however long you wish at each particular stop, and then catch the next available trolley that comes along and resume your tour.

If you’re into shopping, for example, the tour’s 15 stops include visits to such popular shopping areas as the Bull Street Corridor, the City Market and River Street. Some visitors might be happy just browsing those areas for a few minutes, but others — you know who you are — might wish to stay, ahem, a little longer.

Meanwhile, if attractions are more your thing, those stops are included, too — from beautiful Forsyth Park and its majestic 1858 fountain in the center of the park, to the historic Cathedral Basilica of St. John the Baptist, to history centers such as the Massie Heritage Museum and the Ships of the Sea Museum.

By the same token, you can skip a stop altogether if it doesn’t interest you, and just keep on riding — which, by the way, is likely what you’ll do if you get caught in one of those midsummer Savannah thunderstorms.

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