I am betting that Patrick Harman, Willa Mays and Randy Carda thought this day would never come. “What day is that?” you might ask. It is the day that finally the second Growing High Point “Let’s Grow High Point” is in this column. But perhaps it is very apropos that Growing High Point is the first column of the new year. This “Growing High Point” is not about making High Point bigger, it is about transformation in making the underserved in High Point better, stronger and healthier.

Growing High Point was the brainchild of Patrick Harman. You know Harman as the executive director of the Hayden-Harman Foundation whose focus has been the revitalization of High Point’s Washington Street area. It amazed many when in 2001 Harman set up his office right on Washington Street, where it remains today. Harman is much admired for his work in the underserved area and his continued dedication of making High Point a better place to live for everyone. The revitalization of the Washington Street area, once a thriving hub of activity in High Point, continues to be wide-ranging.

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