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Enterprise website will change
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High Point Enterprise readers who are used to using our website will notice a change in its appearance sometime during the day today.

We are switching website vendors. The good news is the site will be supported by a more experienced company specializing in news websites, so its operation should be much smoother for readers, and there should be less frequent glitches.

The bad news is that readers will need to re-register on the website, though you will use the same email address and password as before. For a few days, the paywall will be down to give everyone time to register.

When the paywall goes back up, subscribers will have the same access to the site as before.

You do not have to re-register until the website’s appearance changes. There will be a large message in a banner across the screen that will say you have to create a new account, and it will tell you to “click here.”

Also, not many people had downloaded the mobile app, but because that app was maintained by the previous website vendor, it will no longer work. The website hpenews.com can be reached with a regular web browser on any computer, tablet or smartphone.

If you have any questions, you can contact our website specialists at support@hpenews.com.