TRINITY — The sale of alcoholic beverages gained yet another vote of approval from the city of Trinity on Monday, as the Trinity City Council voted to approve the city’s local ABC licenses and business regulation ordinances.

Marc Allred, Trinity’s planning and zoning director, explained the process is intended to vet the businesses that wish to sell alcohol based on a number of criteria each must meet before sales are permitted.

“If you’re a business selling alcohol, you have to come to the city and renew your license every year,” Allred said.

Among the items the ordinances also address, Sunday morning sales will begin in Trinity at 10 a.m., according to the ordinances approved by council. Allred acknowledged that the city’s policy, which he created, was designed based on the ordinances on the books in surrounding areas, such as Randleman and High Point.

After consideration of what other areas were doing, the city planner synthesized the information for Trinity’s ordinance.

“Sunday sales was really the only thing I saw vary between towns,” Allred said. “It used to be that you couldn’t sell [alcohol] on Sundays. … Some towns still do 12 [noon] and some do 8 a.m. I picked the middle.”

Consideration of applications for city-issued ABC permits will take into account the dwellings on each side of the street near the business. Surrounding institutions could be a deterrent for some in obtaining the right to sell alcohol, as the city wishes to keep in harmony areas that are and are not suited for those kinds of sales.

In November 2020, a total of 62.8% of Trinity voters cast a ballot in favor of the sale of mixed beverages, on and off-premises sales of unfortified wine and malt beverages, as well as the sale of alcohol at hotels. The successful referendum came nine years after residents soundly voted down the sale of alcohol.

Following a contentious public hearing in July 2020, Trinity City Council voted 3-2 to pass a resolution that placed alcohol on the ballot for city voters. Council members have mentioned requests by developers for subdivisions, townhomes and apartments in Trinity as reasons why the time was right for the city to move in this direction.

The referendum allowed for the sale of alcohol at any grocery store, hotel, motel and restaurant inside the city limits of Trinity.

Staff writer Daniel Kennedy can be reached at 336-888-3578, or at

Staff writer Daniel Kennedy can be reached at 336-888-3578, or at