Ordinance amended to include indoor shooting ranges

Ordinance amended to include indoor shooting ranges

TRINITY — Trinity City Council approved a $5.2 million budget for the 2018-19 fiscal year at its regular June meeting.

The property tax rate within the city will remain stable at 10 cents per $100 of valuation for an eighth straight year. City Manager Debbie Hinson disclosed the proposed budget’s particulars, opening it to the public for discussion.

Following a public hearing, during which no one addressed council with any questions or concerns, members voted unanimously to pass the budget.

For the 14th consecutive year, the budget includes the dedication of 75 percent from the city's projected sales tax revenue to pay debt service on completed sewer projects, Trinity’s share of the upgrade and expansion of Thomasville’s wastewater treatment plant and additional sewer projects that may be approved by council. According to Hinson, approximately 42.1 percent of the budget relates directly to expanding and operating Trinity’s sewer system.

Sales tax revenues are estimated to represent approximately $1.3 million.

The city’s revenue consists of ad valorem tax, sales tax, telecommunications and local video programming receipts, as well as state-distributed Powell Bill funding, which is restricted to road improvements.

Other forms of income include receipts from street assessments, receipts from the sale of recyclable materials, solid waste collection fees, development and inspection fees, lease receipts from the State Employees Credit Union for the ATM installed in the parking lot at city hall and appropriations from the general fund.

A sum of $50,000 was appropriated for transfer from the general fund to the city hall reserve fund.

A copy of the budget will be on file with the city clerk at city hall, the city’s website and at Archdale Public Library for the inspection of residents.

In other business, council rescheduled the city’s regular meetings for all boards from Monday nights to Tuesday nights, effective July 10, when council will have its first rescheduled meeting. Starting with the July meeting, council will meet the second Tuesday of each month unless otherwise posted.

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