TRINITY — A tumultuous period for education yielded a ceremony rife with gratitude as graduates of Trinity High School closed the final chapter of their education with the Randolph County School System inside the school’s gymnasium last week.

Several students offered messages of relief and accomplishment that an era of global pandemic and social unrest did not derail the celebration of four years marked by an overcoming which became the class’s prevailing trademark.

“I know that we missed out on a lot these past few years, but COVID can’t take away the memories we made before and since the pandemic,” said Addie Pendry, THS senior class president. “We’ve learned how to face trials head on. We’ve learned not only how to face them, but how to conquer them, and we’ve learned the value of having a strong support system.”

Pendry thanked parents on hand for their unwavering determination to see their students through the finish line. She also commended faculty and staff for their role in ensuring the safety and instruction as best they could during a time spent battling persistent threats to security and focus.

Brian Toth, principal of Trinity High School, reminded the graduating seniors of their accomplishments and credited them with embodying the traits educators sought to teach them.

“You have demonstrated tremendous perseverance, resilience and patience, especially over the past year and a half of your lives,” Toth said. “My wish for all of you is that you will be men and women of integrity. May you be kind and fair in your interactions. May you listen to understand more than to respond.”

He encouraged the class to value relationships and to love fiercely, also reminding students that those who seek a particular destination rarely arrive. Instead, Toth urged the class to engage in the journey.

Imploring each member of the class to carry on a tradition that predates even one of the county’s oldest institutions, the principal suggested the support system Pendry referenced was among the most important aspects of their education.

“Chase after your dreams with everything that you have in you,” Toth said. “Number two, don’t forget the loved ones who have supported you and will continue to support you. Keep them close. And number three, come home when you can.”

Trinity High School graduates are:

Ian Aaron Acosta, Villanueva Danial Afzal, Abrar Ahmed, Hifza Alam Kaitlyn Michelle Albertson, Noah Gregory Allen, Zachary Lentz Allman, Caitlyn Marie Anderson, Kyle Blaize Anderson, Josue Arsenio Ascencio, Sarah Diane Austin, Emmanuel Abayomi Ayodabo, Miriam Bahena Cervantes, Kaley Brooke Bales, Harrison Lawrence Batten, Justin Stephen James Bennett Haskins, Chance Aaron Billings, Cassidie Michelle Blakeley, Abbie Rae Blankenship, Emma Reese Bowman,Tristan Pierce Brewer, Hannah Nichole Broaddus, Joey Lee Brouer, Hannah Taylor Brown, Luther DeJuan Axente Brown, Hayden Stone Bryant, James Harrison Bull, Madison Hope Bullion, Leah Morgan Cabiness, Jesse Thomas Cardwell, Isabella Micaela Clem, Cristy Brianna Elzenia Coleman, Sarah Elizabeth Cox, Jonathan Oscar Crespo Santos, Alyssa Cameron Cross, Justin Matthew Dawkins, Devon Patrick Dibble, Ashlyn Rae Doxtad, Devin Phan Du, Cameron Gregory Duvall, Avery Dalton Eanes, Brandon Scott Edwards, Trace Andrew Ellenburg, Christopher Lee Essick, Logan Storm Fleming, Noah Allen Fox, Bethany Renee Freeman, Megan Elisabeth Frye, Kacey Landon Fulcher, Kaitlyn Melissa Furr, Taylor Ashleigh Garrick, Graci Leigh-Anne Gibbs, Brittney Cheyenne Lee Gill, Daniel Gomez Escalante, Angel Torreblanca Gonzalez, Abigail Denise Greenwood, Charles Demetrius Gregg, Hannah Olivia Grissom, Jessica Ann Grissom, Athena Shayleigh Gunter, Tayelor Marie Hamilton, Gul Hamza, Jumba Russany Haosouphanthong, Elizabeth Grace Helsabeck, Logan MacRay Heugly, Savannah Nicole Himes, Thuy Thanh Ho, Grace Alexis Howerton, Jacob Roads Hudson, Sierra Alexus Hughes, Rimsha Jamil, Sara Grace Johnson, Evan Yuma Kogure, Amadieus Jujuan Lockett, Jessy James Loper, Desirae Leigh Malcom, Brittany Jean Marano, Charles Dylan Marlowe, Daniel Jacob Martin, Leah Kaitlyn Mathai, Tara Alexis McDowell, Jessica Coble McPherson, Jessica Evan McQueen, Austin Ryan Mincey, Alexander Louis Minish, Cristian Gabriel Moore, Jack Harrison Moran, Kaleb Charles Morgan, Emily Nguyen, Quinton Mathieu O’Hara, Tyler Faye Odell, Aaron Ortega-Perez, Benjamin Smith Owens, Daniel Alain Paris, Garon Keith Parris, Addie Elizabeth Pendry, Chandler Elizabeth Penn, Jenna Elise Phillips, Kweisi Trekyell Poole, Ayden Haynes Prevatte, Carla Maria Ramirez Sosa, Trevion Lamar Raymond, Tahreem Gull Rehman, Gloria Reyes-Pliego, Madeline Grace Richardson, Kyndall Brooke Robbins, Zachary Daniel Robison, Madison Keali Rotchford, Hunter Marshall Rowe, Gabriel Rumualdo Cortes, Zenada Denise Rutledge, Mason Alexander Safriet, Alexis Danielle Saint, Mazhar Ali Shah, Kaleigh Ann Shean, Hunter Gage Shelby, Jeran Chandler Shell, Logan Boyd Simpson, Katherine Grace Snow, Zachery Thomas Spaulding, Fletcher Allen Spillman, Madison Nicole Spivey;

Madelynne Grace Stevens, Javid Lynae’ Stokes, Isabelle Mae Strawser, Amber Nicole Strickland, Sebastian Lee Talent, MacKenzie Grace Thomas, Jordan Matthew Tolani, Camren Alise Tolbert, Cuong Huy Tran, Faith Mackenzie Trexler, Madison Elizabeth Triplett, Rachel Hannah Trotter, Gage Aricin Truhe, Mya Shea Tucker, Jacob Slate Turner, Samad Ullah, Amelia Leigh Wagoner, Nathan Cole Welch, Isaiah Lee Wilson, Bryan Anthony Zepeda Martinez and Arsal Khawaja Zubair.

Staff writer Daniel Kennedy can be reached at 336-888-3578, or at

Staff writer Daniel Kennedy can be reached at 336-888-3578, or at