TRINITY — A new athletic facility could soon make Trinity a destination for youth, adult and professional athletes.

Trinity City Council approved the rezoning of 5934 Surrett Drive, which lies within the city’s extraterritorial jurisdiction despite bearing an Archdale address. Anthony Gill Sr. presented to council a plan for what he suggests will be a spacious, well-equipped sporting venue for residents, sports stakeholders and the community’s youth.

Council unanimously approved the request, which switches the property’s designation from residential to highway commercial.

The indoor sports facility will be registered under the name “X Limits X Boundaries.” Managed and operated by Anthony Gill Sr., the business promises to offer an increase of visitors to the city and to provide a place that will improve the community.

Gill possesses decades of experience with athletics and athletic sales. Community growth, as well as student athlete education and development, are among the primary focuses for the property, said Gill, who spoke of his son, Anthony Gill II.

The younger Gill plays basketball professionally, and he recently spent time this season with the Washington Wizards. Gill II is expected to be a part of the group responsible for bringing expertise in athletic competition to the project, as the Gills seek to serve the youth of the community.

“It’s going to be beautiful,” Gill Sr. said. “We’re going to have the upper deck, and the court’s going to be upstairs. Below that, we’re going to have a state-of-the-art training facility where we’re going to be able to bring in these elite athletes — not only from the middle school, but the high school and college. And, of course, a lot of professionals will be working out of this facility as well, which is going to bring a lot of excitement for the kids in the community, to come in, see a professional athlete working out and get an autograph, things like that.”

Gill Sr.’s business model includes plans to invest heavily in modernizing the building to create an impressive sports recreation structure that will offer customers optimal value. Other services proposed involve support through culinary arts, massage therapy, physical therapy and tutoring.

The size and unique appearance of the venue is expected to attract a sizable number of business travelers and tourists.

XLXB’s mission is stated as an aim “to provide parents and kids with tutorials, mentors and advice on becoming student athletes at the next level.” Religious groups and schools will also be invited to book the facility for events such as crusades.

“The YMCA is going to be one of my top [potential partners],” Gill Sr. said. “I want to work closely with athletic directors there, because we want to offer a helping hand to what they’re doing. We don’t want to stop it; we want to provide helping hands.”

A group constituted by a mix of working-class adults and seniors will share the facility with sports clubs, including area basketball, volleyball and wrestling teams. The indoor space will provide a place for them to train and hold their tournaments.

Staff writer Daniel Kennedy can be reached at 336-888-3578, or at

Staff writer Daniel Kennedy can be reached at 336-888-3578, or at