Pedestrian plan proposes to close gaps along Main

Archdale community leaders, including (from left) Mayor Bert Lance-Stone, Matthew Wells and Jocelyn Moon, participate in an exercise to arrange city priorities for the pedestrian plan.

ARCHDALE — On Monday, city officials discussed proposals for a infrastructure plan that would seek to improve access for pedestrians and cyclists along Main Street in Archdale.

The ideas were discussed at City Hall as a part of the third of four steering committee meetings scheduled for the design of a sidewalk project. Project consultants from Durham-based Alta Planning and Design reviewed public input they received from a survey and at May’s Community Appreciation Day before moving to prioritizing key aspects of the project.

In discussing the Archdale pedestrian and trail concept, consultants and staff began to formulate tenets of a phasing draft plan. A survey and online map were distributed throughout the month of April, and Alta reviewed pre-existing ordinances, statutes and upcoming projects that will shape the city’s plan.

From the data, Alta senior planning associate Jennifer Baldwin said one aspect of the research became the focal point.

“There’s a lot of spotty sidewalks on Main Street,” Baldwin said. “It can be very difficult and challenging to walk up and down that corridor. Outside of other small spots of sidewalks within the neighborhoods, there’s not a lot of existing sidewalk.

“We can look at it positively. We’re starting from a fresh slate, but it is going to be challenging financially to retrofit a lot of the existing streets with sidewalks.”

At the meeting Monday, residents and city officials formed break-out sessions, where they discussed what to prioritize in the plan. Safety, gaps in sidewalk network, connectivity and ease of implementation were among the considerations deemed significant to the group on hand.

Maps featuring destinations the community would like to reach with pedestrian plan were on display. Creekside Park, Grubb YMCA, Archdale-Trinity Middle School and Archdale’s greenway were the most-frequently mentioned sites to be connected.

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