ARCHDALE — David Shaw says his new store in Archdale, Victory Nutrition, serves “shakes,” but not the kind you get at the ice cream shop.

“We are a health shake and energy bar club,” he said. “It’s just a healthy alternative to a Big Mac.”

The store, which opened this month in the Main Street Plaza shopping center, offers a full selection of smoothies and touts their nutritional benefits — free of sugar, glutens and dairy products, low on carbs, and so forth.

It also serves energy bars that are produced by Herbalife, he said. He’s also adding a line of healthy waffles, doughnuts and muffins.

“Hopefully, we can bring in more customers that want something besides the typical fast-food stuff,” Shaw said. “We have different flavors of teas and we make energy drinks. We plan to offer a post-workout shake that’s full of protein. It’s not a caffeinated energy. You don’t get a crash from it. It’s just a pick-me-up.”

He and his daughter, Taylor Hulin, operate the store. Hulin also runs nutrition stores in Thomasville and Denton.

The address for Victory Nutrition is 10418-U N. Main St., Archdale. It’s in the shopping center across the street from O’Reilly Auto Parks and State Employees Credit Union.