Have you seen Luci?

Animal rescuers are hoping that Luci, pictured above, will soon be found. She was on her way from a rescue shelter to her new home in Virginia when she slipped out of her harness April 21. There have been recent sightings of her in the Archdale area.

ARCHDALE — Animal rescuers are hoping that a shelter pet on her way to a new permanent home will soon be found.

According to Suzanne Scott of the Mamas Transport group, Luci left on transport out of Bamberg, S.C. the morning of April 21 headed to an adopter in Virginia.

Scott explained that volunteers in the group relay the animals from one point to the next. Each leg is about an hour long, after which the animals have a potty break and water before being transferred to the next vehicle.

“At our meeting location in Archdale, the Park and Ride off of Exit 111 [Interstate 85], she slipped out of her harness while being transferred to the next vehicle for the next leg,” said Scott. “ We've never had this happen on transport and are doing all we can to get her back. It breaks our hearts.”

Scott said Luci is estimated to be between 2 and 4 years old. She came into the Mary Ann Morris Animal Society (MAMAS) as a stray.

“We’re pretty certain she had been used to living on her own, given her survival through this unfortunate ordeal,” said Scott.

Since she went missing flyers have been posted in Archdale neighborhoods near the locations of recent sightings. Scott said Luci, who does have a microchip, has been sighted plenty of times. Early last week, she was sighted near the Verizon Store and Murphy’s Express in the South Main Street area.

Scott cautions if you or anyone else spots Luci, do not call or chase her as it will cause her to run. Instead, please call Jean at 202-320-5892.

Staff writer Debbie Hightower may be reached at dhightower@atnonline.net or 336-888-3576.