ARCHDALE — A recent land donation will provide Archdale the opportunity to plan a complementary recreational space to its existing offerings.

City Manager Zeb Holden provided details to city council last month on the possible acquisition of a parcel on Davidson Street. The YMCA of High Point owns a 7.42-acre plot referred to collectively as the Aldridge Fields. Those two ballfields have been in the possession of the Y, which was seeking the best use of that property when its leadership consulted with city staff.

Deed restrictions on the property limit its use to public recreational purposes.

“This dates back all the way to a point where a school actually owned the property, and the school system and the county allowed Archdale-Trinity Little League to utilize it for ballfields,” Holden said. “The city, in essence, was approached about the possibility of redeveloping this park. We’re really excited about the opportunity to do something there and establish a second park within the city.”

Holden acknowledged that the city does in fact have two pre-existing parks, but one is a small neighborhood park. The other is Creekside Park.

Though nothing concrete has been established in the way of formal renderings for its use, the land promises to improve the city’s already-broad recreational amenities.

“This would be a wonderful addition,” Holden said. “No specific plans are in play at this point. I think we have a lot of flexibility and opportunity to develop an amenity that our community will enjoy and be able to continue utilizing recreationally for years to come.”

Mayor Lewis Dorsett explained that the donation was no small addition. Given the cost of obtaining property in the area, he considered it an outstanding gesture on behalf of the local organization.

“For the city to buy that kind of land is just so expensive,” Dorsett said. “For the Y to entrust us with that, we’ll make it work and it’ll be nice.”

Staff writer Daniel Kennedy can be reached at 336-888-3578, or at

Staff writer Daniel Kennedy can be reached at 336-888-3578, or at